Here's your chance to become a better animator

AND be a part of something big!


At See Learn, we live and breathe stop-motion animation. It’s a constant subject of conversation and inspiration for us. Not only is it fun, but stop-motion is a great way to truly understand animation. 


But without formal training, how do you go from Amateur to Professional?


Wouldn't it be great to have stop motion classes online? Well look no further!


We are now offering a BETA version of our Stop-Motion Animation Level 1 course!


  • If you’re interested in starting stop-motion, this is meant for YOU

  • If you want to improve your animation and don’t know how, then this is also meant for YOU. 


It’s 8 classes that establish the core animation fundamentals that will be used EVERY time you animate and most importantly you’ll get FEEDBACK on those assignments!

The 8 classes are...
  1. Setup and Fundamentals

  2. Frame Rates

  3. Arcs

  4. Staging and Posing

  5. The Ball

  6. A.A.R. Anticipation - Action - Reaction

  7. Waving Line

  8. Hitting Hard


For each class you will receive a 20-30 min video explaining each topic and the assignments. In that video we will show examples of the animation principle in action and go through common mishaps and ways to solve them. Some lessons will also include exclusive supplementary pdf and worksheets.

Online classes, inspiring references and more
Exercises designed for growth

With each class, there are a series of simple assignments that will take the fear out of stop-motion and more importantly, give you the essential knowledge of animation that will eventually become second nature. They may seem a bit simple at times, but simple doesn't mean easy.

This is where you'll be exploring and making mistakes and that means you might do them a few times to truly understand the principal. 

Feedback! No more guessing on how to improve

Have you ever had this happen? You’ve been working on your shot all day trying to make it as smooth as possible, you finish it, but it’s just meh. Is it the timing? Rhythm? Pacing? Personality?  Sometimes you can’t tell.


We’ve been doing this for over 20 years and we still seek good feedback, it’s a great way to grow quickly, but it’s tough to find.


So, once you submit your assignment, you’ll receive professional and experienced feedback on your animation.


Sharing your work with friends and posting it on social media can be good for encouragement, But how often do you get constructive critique? Sometimes their knowledge can be limited and when you’re looking to improve your stop-motion animation, well, that advice might actually be leading you down the wrong path.



We want to create the best animators. And we also want to create the best online course, so we’re offering a BETA version of the course. This is like a test run of the classes. So we are offering a 50% discount on it! 

This is a huge value for only $250!  

You're going to help us shape the course. We're going to try different ways to teach the subjects and find the right way based on what resonates most with you.  One of the parts we will be trying out is how best to give you the feedback, so at times you will receive a recorded video or we will do a live 30 min video call with you.

Since we’re going to launch the course officially in the new year, We need you to submit at least one lesson per week. This should take you approximately 3-4 hours. Or if you feel up for it, hand in a few ;)

After each class we’ve included a really simple survey to help us make these classes AMAZING.

This is the beginning, it won’t be perfect, it’s going to have some rough edges. But we'll improve all the way along.

Helping us, help you
Learn fast from experience

Watch the video lessons

Complete the assignment


Receive feedback


See Learn was founded by Dale Hayward and Sylvie Trouvé. The brains behind the award winning NFB film Bone Mother and the owners of See Creature Productions in Montreal.


We’ve worked on many animated productions in all aspects of the industry. From films like The Little Prince and If I was God, to commercials for Nike and Tim Horton’s, to documentaries like H2oil and Synesthesia. After years of honing our craft we are now offering our knowledge for you to grow and become the animator of your dreams.


Your shot is ready!

We are looking for dedicated individuals who are available during the months of January and February 2020.

There’s also limited spots available! Take advantage of this great opportunity to learn with the best and grow at an accelerated speed.

  • Dec 2: Enrolment begins

  • Dec 6: Enrolment ends

  • Jan 6: Lesson 1 will be available

  • Jan 13: Lesson 2 will be available

  • Jan 20: Lesson 3 will be available

  • Jan 27: Lesson 4 will be available

  • Feb 3: Lesson 5 will be available

  • Feb 10: Lesson 6 will be available

  • Feb 17: Lesson 7 will be available

  • Feb 24: Lesson 8 will be available

  • Mar 9: Final deadline for remaining exercises


  • A digital camera: You can use a smartphone, but the apps are very limiting. There are many that are compatible cameras with the softwares: for Dragonframe and for Stop-motion Pro

  • A spool of aluminum wire: Fairly flexible, but strong enough to hold items and doesn't have too much kickback. 20 or 30 gauge is usually good, it's not a bad item to have a few types on hand, check with your local craft store.

  • A light or two: Lights range in all sorts and prices, but for these exercises all you need is a desk lamp or light from a window, doesn’t have to be complicated.

  • A shoot space: A desk, kitchen table, etc. Somewhere that won’t be disturbed while you’re shooting

  • For the animation: We’ll use simple objects that you already have around the house, like an apple or a coin, it will depend on the particular assignment.

  • A puppet: If you are serious about learning and don't have a puppet we strongly suggest investing in a Stickybones. Otherwise you can use a Ball and Socket or aluminum wire armature.

The right tools can make all the difference


The best way to learn is by doing and the best way to grow is through feedback

Join us for this new adventure !

We are super excited to share with YOU all the knowledge we’ve accumulated over the past 20 years.It’s often all those little things you learn along the way that make a big difference in how you animate. 


But don’t wait! There are limited spots available and time is running out!