Each Course Includes:

- 8 video lessons
- Instructor feedback on your assignments
- * Limited spots available
- 8 practical assignments
- Inspirational reference
- Supplementary worksheets & pdf

Stop-Motion Animation Level 1

If you’re interested in starting stop-motion, this is meant for you. No experience is necessary. 8 lessons that establish the core animation fundamentals that will be used EVERY time you animate. With each lecture there are a series of simple assignments that will take the fear out of stop-motion and more importantly, give you the essential knowledge of animation that will eventually become second nature.

By the end of the 8 lessons, you will have the foundational skills of not only stop-motion, but animation in general. You’ll have the confidence to apply that knowledge to whatever you animate next.

Stop-Motion Animation Level 2


We’re now taking it to the next level! In these 8 lessons we will start with what makes a good pose, move onto basic movements, then to jumps, walks, runs and finally a character performance. This is a great course if you have a grasp of the animation fundamentals and are looking to bring your skills into the puppet world. By the end of the course you will feel comfortable with animating a puppet, you will have demo reel examples of your core animation skills and you have industry secrets in your back pocket. 


*Completion of Level 1 is required OR animation examples must be submitted.

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