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Each Course Includes:

- 8 video lessons
- Instructor feedback on your assignments
- * Limited spots available
- 8 practical assignments
- Inspirational reference
- Supplementary worksheets & pdf

Stop-Motion Animation Level 1

If you’re interested in starting stop-motion, this is meant for you. No experience is necessary. 8 lessons that establish the core animation fundamentals that will be used EVERY time you animate. With each lecture there are a series of simple assignments that will take the fear out of stop-motion and more importantly, give you the essential knowledge of animation that will eventually become second nature.

By the end of the 8 lessons, you will have the foundational skills of not only stop-motion, but animation in general. You’ll have the confidence to apply that knowledge to whatever you animate next.

Stop-Motion Animation Level 2


We’re now taking it to the next level! In these 8 lessons we will start with what makes a good pose, move onto basic movements, then to jumps, walks, runs and finally a character performance. This is a great course if you have a grasp of the animation fundamentals and are looking to bring your skills into the puppet world. By the end of the course you will feel comfortable with animating a puppet, you will have demo reel examples of your core animation skills and you have industry secrets in your back pocket. 


*Completion of Level 1 is required OR animation examples must be submitted.

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Anything Can Be Animated


We truly believe anything CAN be animated and this set of 8 classes will make you believe too. You’ll learn about the fundamentals of animation and apply them with fun ways right inside your room, kitchen or wherever! You’ll learn how to bring your environment to life with objects and even yourself as the character. Social marketers, don’t risk trying stop-motion on your next campaign without making it as PRO as you’ll learn in this course.

*No character puppet needed! All the assignments are performed in your house/studio.

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