Animation Level 1

Understand stop-motion animation fast with expert feedback.


Stop-Motion is challenging. But with professional guidance you can master stop-motion in 3 actionable steps: See, Learn and Grow.



- You’re going to get 8 Video lessons reviewing the principles of animation and explaining the fundamentals of stop-motion production.

- Analyze and learn from examples of life and other animation.

- Watch the fundamentals in action and see how they can be used in all your future animation.

- Discover what it takes to be a stop-motion professional and you’ll get exclusive behind the scenes footage of us at work



- Best way to learn is by doing. Each lesson will have 2 to 4 assignments. PDF cheat sheets and checklists will keep you on track.

- Study what your puppet / object can and can’t do.

- You’ll get an In-depth look at our stop-motion setup and the equipment that we use.

- Prepare all the important elements of your setup.



- The best way to grow is through feedback. After you submit your assignments, you’ll gain insight through personalized video critiques into not just WHAT you need to improve but HOW.

- Instantly be connected to the industry through a growing online community.

- Separate yourself from the amateurs and learn from the professionals.


PLUS there’s a bonus video call with the teachers!


Know exactly how to improve your animation without spending years learning on the job. 

Animation Level 1



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