Know exactly how to improve your animation without spending years learning on the job.




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Improve your animation skills by 3x in 30 days. Learn how to master stop-motion without spending years on the job.

8 Video Lessons

Fundamentals of stop-motion

Instructor video feedback on all your assignments

PDF checklists & cheat-sheets

BONUS: 45-Min Live Call



Does stop-motion have to be so tough?

Every stop-motion animator can attest to the truth that stop-motion deals with reality! You must play a careful balance between gravity, actual materials and real light to bring your creations to life. Sometimes it’s hard to know even where to start.

Knowing how to improve your animation is even tougher.

You know there’s some room for improvement in your animation, but how do you know where? Even if you know where, knowing what you do to improve it can easily be frustrating.

Learning from industry professionals can make it all easier.

Most industry professionals learn on the job by sharing the process and growing together. When you explore topics and try new techniques with peers and then receive the feedback, your skills can grow at an incredible rate. Are you ready for a way to learn from experience?


Understand stop-motion animation fast with expert feedback.

The pros at work

Follow industry veterans Dale Hayward and Sylvie Trouvé as they guide you through the fundamentals of animation through the lens of stop-motion.

By doing

There’s no better way to learn than by doing. These tailored assignments will ingrain the fundamentals of animation.


Separate yourself from the amateurs and stop guessing. Know exactly what and HOW to improve your animation with personalized feedback on all your assignments.


What's Inside

Fundamentals & Principles

Dale and Sylvie share their combined 30+ years of experience with you in this online course. You will gain an in-depth understanding of the importance of timing, spacing, rhythm, balance and much more. Stop-motion is very accessible wherever you are. These online classes allow you to learn at your own pace.

Check out the Course TRAILER.


You know you can be a great animator, but it’s hard to grow in a void. Get the precise insight to grow at an elevated rate. Dale and Sylvie will pin-point not just what needs work, but how to make it great in the next shot. Transform your animation by learning from experience.

Here's a sample of the feedback videos.

Topics Covered
  1. Animation Principles and Setup

  2. Frame Rates

  3. Arcs and Camera Settings

  4. Staging and Posing

  5. Weight and The Ball

  6. Anticipation, Action and Reaction

  7. The Waving Line and Rhythm

  8. Our Stop-Motion Process

Here's a quick tour of the lessons.

What’s Included
  • 8 Video Lessons

  • 30+ Assignments

  • Instructor Video Feedback On All Assignments

  • PDF Checklists & Cheat-Sheets

  • Private Facebook Group Access

  • Lifetime Updates

  • BONUS: 45-Min Live Call with Dale & Sylvie



Understand stop-motion animation fast with expert feedback.

See Learn was founded by Dale Hayward and Sylvie Trouvé. The brains behind the award winning NFB film Bone Mother and the owners of See Creature Productions in Montreal.


We’ve worked on many animated productions in all aspects of the industry. From films like The Little Prince and If I was God, to commercials for Nike and Tim Horton’s, to documentaries like H2oil and Synesthesia. After years of honing our craft we are now offering our knowledge for you to grow and become the animator of your dreams.



What are people saying?

"I’ve learned more with See Learn than in the 3 years I taught myself. Dale & Sylvie are superb teachers. They helped me understand my errors & how to improve."

Roo Nelo

"The structure of the lessons make it super dynamic and you end up wanting more. I can't wait for the next one!"

Bibiana Varela Lema

"I really love this course. I can tell a lot of hard work went into all these videos; The lesson plans, script. references, examples, etc. An incredible amount of detail. It's super impressive."

Terry Ibele




What do I need?

Computer, Software & Space

A desktop computer or a laptop with stop-motion software like Dragonframe (our preference and there's a student discount available), or Stop-motion Pro. You can even use a tablet or smartphone app.

Find a small desk or table somewhere that you won’t be disturbed while you’re shooting.

Camera, Light, & a Tripod

There are a lot of compatible cameras with the programs. For Dragonframe or Stop-motion Pro.

Lights range in all sorts and prices, but for these exercises all you need is a desk lamp.

Tripods with an adjustable head to keep your camera solid and let you shoot tabletop are ideal. 

Objects, Wire & a Puppet

Anything can be animated in stop-motion. So, you'll be bringing a lot of the things around your house to life. Aluminum wire is also an animator's best friend.

For the character animation, you'll need a puppet made of Aluminum Wire, Ball & Socket or a Stickybones.

Special 10% discount from Animation Tool Kit available.




See the experienced animation professionals work in all aspects of the industry.


Learn the animation fundamentals through the lens of stop-motion.

And Grow with the expert advice on HOW to improve your animation skills by 3x in 30 days.


Master stop-motion without spending years on the job.


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What's inside

8 Video Lessons

Fundamentals of stop-motion

Instructor video feedback on all your assignments

PDF checklists & cheat-sheets

BONUS: 45-Min Live Call



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