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FSMM 2020

All the important information and downloads for the 2020 workshop at the Festival Stop Motion Montreal

Nailing the Shot - The 3 Key steps to animating a scene.

Naming Convention

Establishing a naming convention is a necessary part of working in the industry, it makes things much more efficient and develops a system to follow in the future. Please follow this for all your assignments.

Render Settings

Render all your assignments in .mp4, this keeps the files small and all software should be able to output in this format as it’s become an internet standard. 


Your render resolution should be around 1920 x 1080 or if you’re using a 4:3 aspect ratio it should be 1440 x 1080. Dragonframe will give an error if the height is higher than 1080, I don’t know if this an issue with other software. Unless you’re using an older camera, you shouldn’t have a problem rendering in HD.


Make sure to double check your output is 12 Frames Per Second (FPS) and it matches your project.

Workshop Setup Video

A quick video showing the basic setup for the workshop.


Items needed:

- Sturdy table

- Posable Puppet

- Camera and Tripod

- Basic Lights

- Stop Motion Software (Dragonframe is our preference)

UPLOAD Your Assignments

Here's where you can upload all your video assignments. Make sure to follow the above Render Guidelines.


Your personalized feedback from the teacher will be given to you live in Zoom. Consult the workshop timetable for the submission cut-off times.

FSMM Workshop Storyboard

Download and consult the workshop storyboards. This page any important details of the scene, the character action, and the timing. It's extremely  important for an animator to follow the directions on the storyboards to ensure a cohesive vision of the project.

FSMM Workshop Timetable

Please consult the workshop timetable to ensure that you get the most out of the two days. If you want to receive feedback your animation must upload by the cut-off times indicated.

FSMM Workshop SFX

Use this mp3 for the wizard's spell and to know the timing of the shot.

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